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Individually many people have an interest in rare and minority breeds and wish to see them survive. More can be achieved as a group working together. By joining the Rare Breeds Trust of Australia, we have the opportunity to exchange information, bloodlines and enjoy the stimulation and benefits derved from a diverse group of people with a shared interest. 

The Rare Breeds Trust of Australia is working to establish a trust to fund research, semen and embryo storage and to subidise the cost of keeping male animals of a particular breeding line which might otherwise be disposed of because of the difficulty of management of entire male animals. Unfortunately here in Australia, we do not have access to government grants and subsidies which are available overseas. Your membership assists in preserving our endangered breeds. 

We conduct livestock surveys on our members' holdings and also of people who are not members. This enables us to at least keep track of the status of various breeds of domestic farm animals. 

As a member, you will receive our informative quarterly newsletter "Paddocks and Perches".


How to become a member


The quickest and easiest way to become a financial member is to click on the membership tab in the home page menu bar, where you will be able to select the membership appropriate to your situation, fill in all the required details and pay all securely online. 

If for whatever reason you are unable or would just prefer not to, the membership form is available to download below. Simply follow the directions supplied on the form. 

We thank you for your contribution through your membership and helping the trust to reach its goals.