Breed Association
01-07-2024 – 30-06-2025
12 Months

Breed Association memberships are an annual membership. Breed associations are associatons registered through State and Territory Associations Acts, with an ABN and that manage stud books (except in the case of poultry), etc for a given breed(s) . If you are another form of organisation or business, you may apply under the Organisation membership category. 

Membership provisions: 1 Vote at General Meetings. The RBTA Newsletter (Paddocks and Perches) will be emailed to the provided address. 

If you want a printed Newsletter you can separately order an annual subscription through our RBTA Shop - cost $20 per annum.

Please note that when registering for this membership it will seem as if you are registering as an individual person. This is due to the system the RBTA uses. Once your membership registration is received the status will be switched to a Breed Association profile. 

If you prefer to Join via a membership form and direct deposit please link to the Join us page. Or email us at for further details.